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Looking back: Environmental news of 2013


In the News: Another Unsettling Climate Change Map

The Orange States of America.  This is the picture in an unsettling interactive map recently released by the US Geological Survey (click here to view the map on the Washington Post website), in what has become the next round of depressing climate change projections.  Pulling data from more than a dozen climate models, the map depicts expected temperature and precipitation changes for the continental US for the years 2050-2074.  And the picture is not a pretty one... things are going to get significantly warmer.

Nationwide, annual mean temperatures are projected to increase anywhere from 2.4 to 4 degrees Celsius, which correlates to approximately 6 to7 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you imagine adding another 6 or 7 degrees to the already-sweltering summertime heat experienced in some areas of the US?  This will lead to unbearable and dangerously hot weather.  And how about increasing wintertime temps by the same 6 to 7 degrees?  At first, many of us likely wouldn't complain about milder …

Going Green: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas


In the News: Renewable Energy in Washington

Environmental news outlets are buzzing today with the release of President Obama's memo ordering the federal government to increase its use of renewable energy.  By 2020, federal agencies will need to obtain 20% of their energy from renewable resources, which would triple the amount currently used.  Additionally, the President called for federal government buildings to be made more energy-efficient. 

Expanding the use of renewable energy is crucial in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions that lead to climate change, and also in protecting our environment from the damaging methods used to extract fossil fuels, which currently provide the majority of our nation's energy. Sometimes referred to as "fuels from heaven," energy sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, and tidal energy are all renewable, above-ground, readily available and do not call for the destructive mining and extraction techniques that their underground "fuels from hell" counterparts su…