Friday, January 31, 2014

Going Green: Who wins the "Efficiency Bowl" - Seattle or Denver?

The countdown is on... with the Super Bowl only two days away, excitement here in the Emerald City has reached a fever pitch on this Blue Friday.  Seahawks fans in Washington state and across the country are waiting in eager anticipation to see if our beloved team will bring a Super Bowl victory home to Seattle at last.

Although the outcome of the big game itself has yet to be determined, thanks to the folks at Opower, we already know which city comes out on top in the "Efficiency Bowl".  When it comes to energy efficiency, is the Emerald City truly the greenest, or did Denver stampede to victory?  Click on over to the article on Opower's Outlier Blog to see the energy efficiency comparison between the two cities. 

There are some interesting facts in the article... did anyone else know that CenturyLink Field receives 30% of its energy from solar panels?  That's right folks, even in rainy Seattle, solar power is possible! Check out this National Geographic article for more information on energy efficiency at the Clink.

Century Link Field and solar panels next door.  Image Source: National Geographic

So... which city won the Efficiency Bowl?

Image source: Opower

Go Seattle.  Go Seahawks.  Go Green!

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  1. Now Seattle has only one more immediate contest to win - the Super Bowl baby!!!