Tuesday, January 21, 2014

See America: Reviving New Deal artwork to celebrate our national parks

I love it when art and nature come together. There is currently a great deal of excitement surrounding a new project by the Creative Action Network and the National Parks Conservation Association that unites these two elements in celebration of America's national parks.

Mount Rainier National Park, by Zack Frank

The "See America" project is a campaign for which artists can submit posters featuring national parks, monuments and historic sites, created in the same style as the original "See America" posters commissioned by the Works Progress Administration over 75 years ago.  A goal of this campaign is to inspire today's generation of Americans to visit, appreciate, and reconnect with these national treasures.

One of the best parts of this project is its accessibility - anyone with a talent for art and a passion for nature can create and submit a poster.  Our national parks are for everyone, and so is this project!

Any endeavor that gets people excited to be in the outdoors and to appreciate our national parks is definitely worth supporting, in my book! It is very sad to think that many members of our society-- especially the younger generation-- have never set foot in a national park and connected with the history, breathed in the clean air, and found themselves left speechless by the stunning scenery: to see for themselves why these natural wonders are worth preserving.  It is critical to forge those connections between people and nature to ensure that these places will continue to be protected and available for generations to come. Speaking through artwork as with the "See America" project is an exciting way to accomplish that.

The "See America" posters are available for purchase, and can be viewed here.  The artists have done a great job, and all of the posters are wonderful. I might have to save up my pennies and purchase one poster representing each park I've visited!

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