Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

Welcome to Nature Nerd Wednesdays!  By the middle of the workweek, I know that I'm ready for a pick-me-up, for some inspiration -- and for that reason I decided to post a nature photo or quote each Wednesday.  Perusing works of nature writing and photography helps me reconnect with the calming, refreshing, and inspiring effects of nature, which is something we all can benefit from in the middle of a busy, stressful work week! 

This week, in addition to a gorgeous nature photo, I also came across a lovely and uplifting song to share, so you can tap your toes during this Wednesday nature break.

Take a deep breath, clear your head, and lose yourself for a moment in the serenity of this grassy meadow and rugged mountain view from Grand Teton National Park:

Marsh Meadow - National Park Service Photo
 Can't you just smell the fresh air and hear a breeze whispering through the sun-warmed grass? Ah, bliss.

Here are some additional photos of interest I came across, featuring the J.P. Cunningham cabin in Grand Teton National Park.  Built by a homesteader in 1888, this cabin may be modest, but I think you'll agree that the views are hard to beat!

Cunningham Cabin - National Park Service Photo

Cunningham Cabin - National Park Service Photo
Just imagine waking up to this outside your window every morning! Absolutely stunning.


...And because it mentions the Great Tetons, check out the music video below for "As We Ran," a sweet and lively song from The National Parks band, which has been on "repeat" on my iPod for awhile now!  All proceeds from purchases of this song will be donated to the National Parks Conservation Association... but hurry, because this ends February 28th! Support our national parks and purchase the song on iTunes here.

Those song lyrics evoke such beautiful imagery of natural scenery and enduring memories rooted therein... something to which all of us Nature Nerds can relate. Once again, art and nature come together in a wonderful way!

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