Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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Lush greenery, filtered sunlight, fresh air, and soft bird calls... these are just a few of the appealing features of the forest at Saint Edward State Park, one of my favorite natural spaces to visit.  During a recent visit in which I successfully whiled away several hours in the dreamy maple-canopied landscape of this second growth forest, I paused for a moment to capture the video below.

This is easily my favorite view of the forest at Saint Edward, with the greenery pressing in around you and the arching maple branches soaring overhead to form a natural cathedral even more jaw-droppingly impressive than the beautiful brick seminary building standing guard over the Park's parking lot and trailheads. Of course, the limitations of any camera (especially my iPhone...) will prevent the video from sufficiently capturing the beauty and depth you'll see when visiting this forest in person. However, once you've been there, a simple video like this can bring back the same overwhelming feelings of peace and awe experienced when you were physically in the midst of the living, breathing forest.

I filmed this clip on the South Canyon trail, standing on the same wooden bridge you'll see in my profile photo to the right. This is my favorite trail at the Park, and hiking it is a must-do if you plan to visit!  Also see my very first blog post, which also featured Saint Edward State Park, here.

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