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The Place Where I Live

Comfort. Proximity. Inspiration. Peace. Memories. Familiarity. Family and friends. A particular place can earn the title of "home" for so many reasons. This one tiny dot on Earth's surface happens to hold just the right qualities that capture our hearts and cause us to decide, yes. This is the place.

I recently wrote a short piece to share on the "Place Where You Live" page of Orion Magazine's website. However, the more I think about it, the piece I wrote would more accurately be called "The Place Where I Lived/ The Place Where I Will Hopefully Live Again Soon".

I wrote about the Snoqualmie Valley, the place I lived most of my life, and the place where I still do a good deal of my living, although it is currently not the place I lay my head to sleep every night.

Click here to read my piece about "The Place Where You Live" on the Orion Magazine website.

Although I'd rather be living somewhere in the Sno Valley area, I'm trying to …

In the News: Climate Change, Despair... and Hope

Climate change is always a hot topic in the environmental/green/nature nerd community, but lately, the most pressing issue of our time has been capturing headlines right and left. Although often cast as an environmental issue, climate change has far-reaching impacts which in fact make this a humanitarian, economic, social justice, and environmental -- not issue -- but CRISIS.

Why a crisis?  We know all too well that pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (via fossil fuel burning and deforestation, mainly) traps heat in earth's atmosphere, which causes warming. Our global temperatures are warming, our oceans are warming, the Arctic is thawing (and releasing copious amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide), our oceans are acidifying, and the Arctic sea ice and Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are melting. We know all these things.  However, there is an emerging realization that all of these things are happening faster and sooner than …

Wanderings: Moss Lake Natural Area

It's a warm and languid late-summer afternoon. The humid air smells damp with mud and and fresh with the exhalations of innumerable trees. Dry, newly-fallen leaves crunch on the gravel path underfoot. No sound disturbs the stillness, save for the whisper of a breeze in the rustling alder and cottonwood leaves above.  Not a bad day to explore the Moss Lake Natural Area near Carnation, Washington.

The Moss Lake Natural Area is a 372-acre complex of wetlands and forest, and is managed by King County.  Despite its generous size, I had never heard of this Natural Area until my husband stumbled across it while searching for hikes online.  He suggested that we check it out, and of course I agreed.

Moss Lake
We set out from the parking lot and headed toward the only trailhead we could find.  It wasn't marked, but we assumed this was the way to go.  A short distance along, a small sign marked the offshoot trail to Moss Lake.  This was a very short trail.  After about 50 feet of squeez…