Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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Snoqualmie Falls in winter.  Lainey Piland photo
"Nature has many scenes to exhibit, and constantly draws a curtain over this part or that. She is constantly repainting the landscape and all surfaces, dressing up some scene for our entertainment. Lately we had a leafy wilderness; now bare twigs begin to prevail, and soon she will surprise us with a mantle of snow. Some green she thinks so good for our eyes that, like blue, she never banishes it entirely from our eyes, but has created evergreens."
~Henry David Thoreau, Nov. 8, 1858
We recently received our first hint that the seasons are changing here in western Washington; drawing the curtain on autumn and ushering wintertime to center stage. The landscape was repainted with a dusting of snow and several days of persistently sub-freezing temperatures; leaving a sharp, glittering, and bitterly cold scene in their wake.

Snoqualmie Falls is one local landscape in particular which undergoes a dramatic change in appearance as the acts change from one season to another, and tends to be most striking during freezing cold winter weather. See for yourself in the short video below, which I captured during a cold snap last winter.

Although impressive when running high and muddy in spring, and peaceful in the gentle flows of summer, it is hard to beat the dazzling, stark beauty of Snoqualmie Falls in winter. If you have the opportunity to see it in person, I definitely recommend doing so... after bundling up, of course! You may not get drenched with spray (as you usually would when visiting the falls in non-freezing weather), but all of that rushing water displaces a whole lot of cold air as it comes crashing down, so expect to feel an icy blast while standing on the overlooks!

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