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Wanderings: Seeking Spring (2015)

Some people mark the arrival of spring by the date on the calendar, some by the blooming cherry trees and daffodils in their yard, by the warmer weather, return of migratory birds, or simply by the unmistakable fresh, green fragrance of sweet spring wafting on the breeze.

I know that spring has officially arrived when the trillium flowers bloom in the woods.

When I was younger, my grandpa and I would search through the woods surrounding my childhood home to find these elusive, ephemeral white flowers. Now that he is no longer here, I continue the annual trillium hunt on my own, as a way to remember this fond memory of him, and to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season.

With the record-breaking warm winter we've had in the Pacific Northwest, and given the fact that everything else seems to have burst into bloom earlier than usual, I fully expected to find the woods full of blooming trillium on my visit to the Redmond Watershed Preserve over the weekend, and I wasn'…

Conifer Confusion? Learn to identify these PNW trees

To the readers here for the PNW Nature Blog Scavenger Hunt - welcome, and thank you for stopping by A Day Without Rain! This blog is devoted to celebrating our unique Pacific Northwest nature and encouraging everyone to explore, enjoy and protect this stunningly beautiful place we call home. Good luck with the scavenger hunt, and happy reading!

We've all been there. While hitting the trails for a weekend nature excursion, your hiking buddy thoughtfully squints at a tree along the trail, nudges you with an elbow, points and asks "What kind of tree is that?" Your face flushes; you feel like this is something you should know. After silently running through every kind of tree you can remember from last year's visit to the Christmas tree lot, you lamely answer "Ummm, an evergreen..."

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we like nature. We like being outdoors. We like the green and the moss and the damp earthiness. But sometimes, we're unfamiliar with the details,…

"Hardships on the Horizon" - Drought Declared in Parts Of Washington

This winter season in Washington has been absolutely beautiful. While the rest of the country is hunkered down amidst record cold and astonishing snow accumulations, here in the Pacific Northwest we've seen plenty of sunshine, blue skies, and unusually balmy temperatures warm enough to justify exchanging the hot latte at Starbucks in favor of an iced one.

Our spectacularly pleasant winter (or rather, non-winter...) has already been ugly for the ski slopes, and it's soon going to get ugly for the rest of the state as well.

With mountain snowpack statewide amounting to a paltry 27% of normal on average, Governor Jay Inslee earlier today declared a drought in parts of Washington state. A news release on the Governor's website provides details on this drought declaration covering the Olympic Peninsula, Central Cascades, and Walla Walla regions, which will be facing water supply issues come summer. Agriculture and spawning salmon will both be adversely affected by the lack of s…