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In the News: Front lines of climate fight move to Seattle as city declares "Shell No!"

When Shell's Polar Pioneer oil drilling rig chugged into Puget Sound amidst much controversy last Thursday afternoon, it brought the ever-shifting front lines of the climate fight right here to Seattle.  And can I just say... I am so proud of the way that our city has responded to the arrival of this behemoth: stating loud and clear that the Emerald City has no interest in being the home base for Shell's arctic drilling fleet and participating in the destruction of the climate, the environment, and the lives of indigenous peoples in the Arctic.

During its journey from Port Angeles to the port of Seattle last Thursday, the Polar Pioneer was closely followed by news helicopters and its movements monitored by thousands of people on social media. It became a spectacle, and was even a trending topic on Twitter. Upon reaching Seattle, the rig was greeted by a small fleet of "kayaktivists" (okay, does it get much more Seattle than that?! Please tell me we coined that word.…