Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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Miner's lettuce blooming at the Redmond Watershed Preserve. Lainey Piland photo
"In June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day. No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them."
~Aldo Leopold

Summer has officially arrived, the longest day of the year has passed, and although June is nearly over, there are still plenty of flowers blooming out there! Local hiking trails are lined with tiny flowers of all kinds, wildflowers are blooming in the high country, and even in the roadside ditches you can find bright yellow buttercups, fuchsia-hued fireweed, and those small white daisy-like flowers. I can agree with Leopold's sentiment above that ignoring even the smallest blooming flower can be an impossible task this time of year... and our pollinators like bees and hummingbirds seem to agree!

Here in Washington state, we're anticipating some scorching weather soon, with temperatures expected to hit the 90's through the weekend and into next week. This heat wave may be the beginning of the end of our June flowers. As summer advances and I sit sweltering in my office while working next week, I'll be longing for a cool shady forest trail and dreaming of those frothy billows of miner's lettuce that bloom there.

Buttercups with miner's lettuce peeking out below. Lainey Piland photo

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