Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

Welcome to Nature Nerd Wednesdays, your mid-week nature break to reconnect with the calming, refreshing, and inspiring effects of nature. Take a deep breath and enjoy...

Many of us in western WA are always within sight of this National Park, seen here from the Snoqualmie Valley.

The National Park Service marked its 99th "birthday" yesterday, so this Nature Nerd Wednesday, let's celebrate our National Park system, which contains some of the most breathtakingly beautiful, ecologically unique, and historically significant landscapes in the country. We're lucky enough to have three National Parks here in Washington state: Olympic, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier, which is featured in the video below.

Take a nature break and tag along on a hike to the Reflection Lakes in Mount Rainier National Park, enjoying sweeping mountain views, clear blue skies, gleaming alpine lakes, and wildflower meadow-lined trails, all without leaving your desk.

Mount Rainier, Reflection Lake Hike by Beautiful Washington on YouTube

Feeling inspired? Join me in participating in the National Park Service and National Park Fountation's Find Your Park campaign. Next month, I'll be exploring North Cascades National Park (or rerouting to Olympic National Park if the Okanogan wildfires still persist), and look forward to sharing those adventures here on the blog!

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  1. Hey cool! Didn't know about that campaign but I'm on board now! Yes, North Cascades holds a special fascination and place in my heart. So worried about the fires and effects. Did a blog in June for both Pacific NW Seasons and the Washington's National Park Fund website about trail maintenance up Sahale Arm above Cascade Pass. Spent the day with a park trail crew leader. Had planned on tackling Sourdough Mountain this fall, but now that is very threatened by fire! Praying for rain.

    1. Very cool! I'll have to look up your blog post from June. :)

      I've never visited North Cascades NP, and am really looking forward to going! Looks like there is some beautiful and unique scenery up there, and hopefully there will be something left to see after these fires are over with. It looks like our prayers for rain might be answered soon - the forecast for this weekend and early next week calls for several days of rain... sounds like we might get a good soaking. Fingers crossed that the forecast will hold!

  2. So glad you shared this National Parks campaign. I hadn't heard about it either. I've also never been to North Cascades National Park and had been planning to go at least once this year. The Okanogan fires are so heartbreaking! Olympic National Park would make an excellent backup plan though. We have so much beauty in this state of ours!

    1. Thanks for reading, Laura! :) I'm very much looking forward to exploring North Cascades... whether I make it there this year as planned, or have to reschedule for another time due to those awful wildfires. I can't complain about having Olympic as a "backup," though. We are very fortunate to have so many beautiful natural spaces in Washington!