Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

Welcome to Nature Nerd Wednesdays, your mid-week nature break to reconnect with the calming, refreshing, and inspiring effects of nature. Take a deep breath and enjoy...

I visited the Redwoods when I was a child (eight or nine?), and this is one of my photos from way back then!

Brothers Jim and Will Pattiz of More Than Just Parks (MTJP) have done it again and released another gorgeous film, this time featuring Redwood National Park. This is the fourth of fifty-nine total films MTJP plans to create, to honor and showcase the beauty of each of our National Parks. Although the film has a bit too much slug action for my liking, I had to share it anyway because the rest of it is so lovely. Take a look...

I just love the sequence showing the small seedling, and then in the next shot, the massive old growth redwood. It's hard to imagine those big old trees grew from something that was once so tiny and fragile.

To learn more about More Than Just Parks, to support their work, and to watch their other films, check out their website here.


  1. Thanks for the share, especially since I was just in the redwoods! Always look forward to your Nature Nerd Wednesday posts!

    1. Thanks for reading, Jill! I'm glad you enjoy Nature Nerd Wednesdays. :) Watching this More Than Just Parks film reminded me of some of the lovely photos of the redwoods you shared in your blog post, with the sunlight streaming down through those ancient trees.