Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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The beaches of Deception Pass State Park will surely offer a stunning stormy weather vantage point! Lainey Piland photo

Today we celebrate Veteran's Day, and thank the individuals who have served and protected our country. To mark the occasion, all public lands (National Parks, State Parks, refuges, etc) are fee-free today, so everyone can get outside and revel in the beautiful landscapes and natural scenery that make our country so beautiful, and which are definitely worth protecting!

According to the forecast, the weather today is supposed to be especially rainy, stormy and windy, which may not be the ideal conditions for heading outdoors. If you can do so safely, however (without being hit by windblown debris and tree branches!), don't be afraid to swath yourself in waterproof gear, take on the spirit of John Muir and set out to enjoy the storm in all its beautiful glory:
"But when the storm began to sound, I lost no time in pushing out into the woods to enjoy it. For on such occasions Nature has always something rare to show us, and the danger to life and limb is hardly greater than once would experience crouching deprecatingly beneath a roof" 
~John Muir, A Wind-Storm in the Forests
I would not suggest climbing a tree and riding out the storm in its uppermost branches as Muir did on this occasion, however!

Don't know where to go? Here are some links to help:

Washington State Parks

National Parks in Washington State

National Wildlife Refuges in Washington State 

If you'd rather stay warm and cozy indoors, you can still escape to our National Parks with these wonderful time-lapse films compiled by the Wilderness Society - take a look at them here.

Enjoy the storm, be safe, and thank you, Veterans!

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