Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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Falls Creek Falls in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Lainey Piland photo

Yesterday was Take a Hike Day - one of those obscure special "days" that we never find out about until it's too late to actually plan anything... if it's even a legitimate occasion to begin with. Just in case you were wondering, yesterday was also World Peace Day, Homemade Bread Day, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day. Somehow, it seems like all of those "days" could somehow complement one another nicely. But I digress...

I found myself wondering where I would have hiked yesterday, had I been able to get outside and participate in Take a Hike Day. Had it not been for the dangerously high winds that slammed the region yesterday (hence making any forays into the forest unsafe and inadvisable), I probably would have chosen a waterfall hike. During periods of very wet and rainy weather, waterfalls offer a spectacular and rewarding hiking destination. Creeks and rivers swollen with rainwater create thundering waterfalls with frothing, churning torrents of water tumbling down into a cloud of mist, perfectly demonstrating the raw beauty and terrible power of nature.

In our area, Snoqualmie Falls is the iconic example. Here's a stunning video from KOMO news, showing the roaring falls in all its rain-fed glory yesterday:

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Check out the scene today at Snoqualmie Falls. The Snoqualmie River is currently under a flood WARNING. You can track all of the watches and warnings here:
Posted by KOMO News on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Although there's no hiking required to see Snoqualmie Falls (just a short walk from the parking lot), it is always a fun place to visit during rainy weather. You'll leave soaked - both by rain falling from the heavens above, and from river water sent airborne from below. It's glorious.

If you're looking for a good waterfall hike, check out this list from the Washington Trails Association.

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  1. Great minds think alike, ha with my blog post about Bridal Veil Falls a day or two later. I did see Niagra Falls once when I was a kid. That was like nothing else I'd ever seen before or since. But not nearly as lovely as a waterfall in a wilderness forest or park. I'll have to check out your links to your waterfall wanderings! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    1. I think there must be a waterfall vibe going around lately! ;) I loved your post about Bridal Veil Falls - lovely writing and beautiful photos. Thanks for reading Jill, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!