Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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Acadia National Park. NPS photo

Waterfalls, crashing waves, bald eagles, vivid fall foliage... these might be reminiscent of our beloved Pacific Northwest, but these sights are also found on the opposite coast of our country, where the mountains are a little rounder and less rugged, the forests are more deciduous than coniferous, and where the sun rises over the ocean rather than sets. The newest film from More Than Just Parks features all the loveliness of Maine's Acadia National Park during the dazzlingly colorful autumn season.

Watch the film below and escape to the serene beauty of Acadia National Park.

Yet another fantastic film from More Than Just Parks, celebrating each of our nation's 59 national parks. Check out their website here to view their other four equally stunning films.

Fellow blogger Alpine Lily recently took a trip to the northeast, and I've enjoyed reading about her adventures. For more loveliness from this gorgeous region, check out her blog here.


  1. I went there a few years ago when my hubby was on business in Maine. It was one of the most fabulous, multi-faceted national parks I'd ever been to. I want to return and spend more time there.

    1. It sure looks beautiful! After watching the gorgeous More Than Just Parks film, now I want to visit Acadia NP and see it for myself someday. :)