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Wanderings: Fragrance Lake

Last weekend, Saturday dawned cool and overcast, and as I eyed those smooth gray skies I felt a bit apprehensive about setting out for a hike. The previous weekend's soggy slog along the Lime Kiln trail was still fresh in my mind. Those worries happily proved unfounded, however, as the skies cleared and temperatures warmed throughout the day, making it the perfect weather for the first hike and meetup of the book club I just joined, founded by my fellow blogger over at Alpine Lily.

After a quick stop for coffee, my sister, her pup Ruby, and I drove north through scenic Skagit County and along the gorgeous, twisting Chuckanut Drive to Larrabee State Park, where we'd meet up with our book club friends and hike to Fragrance Lake.

We parked at the Larrabee State Park lot, which at this early hour was nearly empty. After meeting up with our group, we crossed the street and headed into the forest along the Fragrance Lake trail. The trail begins climbing right away, and I was immedi…

Wanderings: Lime Kiln Trail

We've got to be getting close, I thought to myself, growing more desperate with every squelching footstep and each jacket seam breached by the unrelenting downpour, leaving cold wet patches on my skin. Rain collected in fat drops on the branches overhead, splattering with startling force on my hood as though I were being bombarded with tiny water balloons from the heavens.

My husband and I had been hiking for the past two and a half miles in the pouring rain, headed for the historic lime kiln on the aptly-named Lime Kiln Trail in Granite Falls. I'm a nature nerd and my husband is a history buff, so this hike seemed like a great opportunity to combine both of our interests. However, we happened to choose an extraordinarily soggy day to explore this amazing trail that lies within the Robe Canyon Historic Park.

Bundled up in waterproof jackets and pants, we joined a handful of other intrepid folks braving the miserable weather on the trail, and set out from the sparsely occupied …