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Wanderings: The Old Sauk River Trail

Under a threatening ceiling of low gray clouds, my sister, her dog Ruby and I set out on the first day of spring to meet up with our book club at the Old Sauk River Trail in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. I'd had this hike saved in my "backpack" on the Washington Trails Association website for awhile, and was glad to finally be able to explore this trail that winds through lowland old-growth forest as it follows the swift and cold Sauk River.

Having visited Rockport State Park several times, and Rasar State Park most recently, I've become quite familiar lately with the stunning landscape tucked into the Cascade foothills in Skagit County. As we exited I-5 and followed highway 530 eastward, the mountains of the Cascade range came into view, their snowy white tops somehow glowing and illuminated with light despite the ominous overcast skies. We kept our fingers crossed that the rain would hold off at least until we were done hiking.

There are three trailh…