Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

Welcome to Nature Nerd Wednesdays, your mid-week nature break to reconnect with the calming, refreshing, and inspiring effects of nature. Take a deep breath and enjoy...

The tranquil glacial turquoise water of Lake Twenty-Two. Lainey Piland photo

"Let the most absent-minded of men be plunged in his deepest reveries—stand that man on his legs, set his feet a-going, and he will infallibly lead you to water, if water there be in all that region. Should you ever be athirst in the great American desert, try this experiment, if your caravan happen to be supplied with a metaphysical professor. Yes, as every one knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever."
~Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Whether it's an intentional search for tranquility that leads our feet to the lakeshore, or whether our busy minds are unexpectedly drawn into quiet reflection when we happen upon the ever-changing surface smooth as glass one moment and mesmerisingly rippled the next, there's no denying the powerful serenity to be found in those waters.

Take a look at The Wilderness Society's 30 Prettiest Lakes in Wildlands below and imagine yourself standing on those peaceful wild shorelines:

There are a few lakes from Washington state included in the list! How many of these have you visited?


  1. Ha, they list the Paysaten Wilderness as being in California! Somebody wasn't doing their fact-checking/proofreading job. I've never been to Tuck and Robin Lakes, although a couple summers ago I was invited on a backpack there but didn't work out. I hope to do more backpacking next summer and get there, if my aging knees will allow. Thanks for the fun links and such. I look forward to your Nature Nerd Wednesday every week. :)

    1. Whoops, Wilderness Society! I didn't even notice... I was too busy looking at the photos and not paying attention to the lake names and locations. :) The only lake I've been to on this list is Crater Lake. I love the shot they have, taken right from the lake shore. That's not the view we usually see of Crater Lake!

      Here's to visiting more of these lovely places! As always, thanks for reading, Jill. :)