Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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My own Planet Earth moment - spotting a Minke whale off Lime Kiln State Park. Lainey Piland photo

I laughed. I cried. I gasped. I grinned. All in less than three minutes. What could provoke such a wide range of reactions? None other than the awe-inspiring and wonder-filled trailer for the brand-new Planet Earth series from the BBC.

Hold onto your hats and take a look at the trailer for Planet Earth II:

One of the exhilarating features of Planet Earth is the way we're allowed a close encounter with the natural world we'd never otherwise be able to experience. Flying with tropical birds, running with cheetahs, swimming with whales, watching the blurred wings of a hummingbird slowed into a rhythmic throb by a slow-motion camera... all are private glimpses into a world typically hidden from our view. This is a world that we're privileged to live in, but have so separated ourselves from that these wild moments are all but gone in our lives.

There's no release date for the six-part series as of yet, so it's anyone's guess how long we'll have to wait to enjoy this brand-new nature documentary narrated once again by the beloved Sir David Attenborough. In the meantime, let's take some time to experience our own wonder-filled Planet Earth moments right in our own backyards.

Wild nature is brought into our lives daily by the very creatures whose ubiquity tends to cause them to blend into the background. For instance, there are birds everywhere outside. When was the last time you sat and just watched birds hunting for food, flitting from branch to branch, playing, and communicating with one another? How frequently do you inspect the iridescent exoskeleton of the beetle scuttling down the sidewalk, or get an up-close look at the hairy legs and interesting mouthparts of that wayward spider that you've trapped under a glass in the kitchen and are (hopefully!) transporting outside?

Take the time to watch these creatures with whom we share our home. It's a good reminder for all of us that Planet Earth is in fact beneath our feet, above our heads, and all around us - not just on a television screen.

The immature male Anna's hummingbird who hangs out in my backyard. I spend a lot of time watching him!

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