Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

Welcome to Nature Nerd Wednesdays, your mid-week nature break to reconnect with the calming, refreshing, and inspiring effects of nature. Take a deep breath and enjoy...

Spring's wakening bugle long is hushed,
Long dimm'd is Summer's splendour;
October yields her easel bright
To "black and white" November!
~James Rigg, "November," Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897

Where has this year gone? It seems like just yesterday we were heralding the arrival of spring here on Nature Nerd Wednesdays, and now here we are already in November, where rather than hearing damp sultry breezes whisper through new green leaves, we instead will hear the sound of bare branches chattering in a cold, penetrating wind.

Although autumn's colorful decor may now lie in a decaying carpet beneath our feet rather than a glowing canopy overhead, there is no need to mourn the arrival of November! I snapped the photo above while walking through the Redmond Watershed Preserve last November. There was frost glittering in sunshine, rays of light slanting through bare trees, and plenty of birds suddenly more visible in the sparse canopy overhead. Although devoid of autumn's bright hues, there was plenty of beauty to soothe a nature-hungry soul!

I haven't been getting outdoors enough lately, but am looking forward to exploring the new scenery that comes with the changing months and seasons. Join me in bundling up and venturing forth this November, and stay tuned to the blog for more Musings and Wanderings!

Cottonwood leaves - Watershed Preserve, November 2015.

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  1. Happy November! Although they say it's supposed to be 62 and sunny on Friday, NOT the old normal for November. Hope to make the next AT hike and get out on the trails with you again. Thanks for your lovely Nature Nerd Wednesday breaks.