Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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As we ease through the month of November, the cold wintry weather - and prime stargazing conditions - are marching steadily closer. We have the extra-super supermoon coming up on November 14th, and the Taurid and Leonid meteor showers on the 11th and 17th, respectively. Let's cross our fingers for clear skies!

One celestial phenomenon we rarely have the chance to experience here in Washington is the aurora. Witnessing the natural wonder of the northern lights in person has long been on my bucket list, and I was thrilled to discover the latest film from More Than Just Parks features those undulating green lights in the sky over Voyageurs National Park.

The aurora is an awe-inspiring sight on film. I can't even imagine the feeling of seeing it in person! And who knew we had such amazing displays of the northern lights here in the lower forty-eight?

Never heard of Voyageurs National Park? You're in good company! This little-known park is located in northern Minnesota - so far north that it could almost be claimed by Canada. It's a place of boreal forests, broad and calm waterways, and rock half the age of the earth itself. It's a place where - according to the NPS - half the park comes out after dark. After watching the film, I can see what they mean!

This is one thing I love about the More Than Just Parks project. It introduces us to national treasures we'd never heard of; it opens our eyes to beauty we didn't even know existed.

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