Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nature Nerd Wednesdays

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"May all those who visit find inspiration in the resilience of desert life- which in the harshest of conditions find a way to thrive."
- Joshua Tree NPS on Twitter, Jan 26th 2017
This sentiment showed up on the Joshua Tree National Park Twitter account last week, and I think the subtext here is especially powerful given the current state of things in our country, where - who would have guessed - the National Parks and rangers who steward them led our country toward hope amidst despairing times.

Truly, one can look at the surprising abundance of life in the desert as a metaphor for the fact that we, too, can survive and thrive in challenging times. That there is still joy and beauty present even in the most inhospitable conditions. The film below showcases the brilliance of wildflowers against the stark desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park. Not only that, but you can learn the names of a few desert wildflowers, too! Take a look and escape to the desert:

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