Looking back at 2017: Top 5 most-read posts on the blog this year

Here we are once again, in the last few days of the fading year, reflecting on the past twelve months and looking forward to what the New Year will bring. Admittedly, I was preoccupied much of the year with caring for my son who was born in May, so I wasn't able to keep up with the blog as much as I'd have liked. However, as is tradition, let's take a look back at the top five most-read posts on the blog this year:

1. Environmental Issues: Plastic Pollution

While holding the title as the singular material responsible for the convenience and ease of our daily lives, plastic is also causing an ecological disaster. It's time to consider a new approach to our lives that involves less plastic. Much less. No plastic, if possible.

2. Wanderings: Saint Edward State Park (again) 

One of the best things about hiking is that you can return time and again to the same place, and not once will you have the same experience. Here, I introduce my son to one of my favorite places.

3. Musings: Behind the Scenes of my Vantage Point 

My post for the Vantage Point project, where photographers share a photo from a special vantage point and the story behind it. Can you guess where my Vantage Point is?

4. Environmental Issues: Washington State Climate Change Update 

A look at the NOAA updated climate summary report for Washington, looking at how climate change has affected our state already, and projecting future changes as global temperatures continue to warm. As is to be expected, the news isn't good.

5. Going Green: Lights out for climate during Earth Hour 2017 

When it comes to Earth Hour, it's not the act of turning your lights off for an hour that really matters - it's the commitment behind it. It's acknowledging that climate change is an issue, that it affects every corner of our planet, and that you are dedicated to being part of the solution - not just for an hour, but for as long as it takes to tackle the problem. 

As you can see at a glance, this year's articles are more focused on environmental issues rather than my outdoor adventures, which were nearly nonexistent this year. I'm hoping to get outdoors more in the New Year - I've suffered for lack of time in nature, and it's about time to rectify that situation.

Here's to a 2018 with mud on our boots, fresh air in our lungs, and perhaps a few raindrops on our heads.


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