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Climate Change in the Northwest: the Fourth National Climate Assessment

While the rest of the country was black Friday shopping, opting outside, or still digesting their Thanksgiving turkey, the US Global Change Research Program quietly slipped an early Christmas gift (or lump of coal?) into our stockings. The Fourth National Climate Assessment was released last Friday, and as one would expect these days, the news isn't great.

After reading the chapter pertaining to the Northwest, which exhaustively parses out the climate challenges facing our region in the remainder of the century, I left with one takeaway: if you didn't like 2015, you're not going to like the decades to come.

Those of us who lived in the Pacific Northwest during the year 2015 are unlikely to forget - however much we may want to - the cascade of record-breaking events that left us all wondering what had happened to this place we call home. A winter with temperatures 6.2 degrees F above normal caused more precipitation to fall as rain instead of snow, leaving the mountain sno…