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Wanderings: Gold Creek Pond

Snowshoeing was a much noisier endeavor than I'd expected. A snow-covered landscape is usually associated with soft silence and muffled noises, the sound of spoken words extinguished as the vapor of your breath dissipates in the chilly air. Instead, as our group tromped along the path toward Gold Creek Pond last Sunday, we were accompanied by the sounds of swishing snow pants, excited voices chattering and laughing, and of course, the loud scrape-crunch of boots and snowshoes themselves, rasping against the icy crust of snow.

By happy coincidence, my birthday fell on the same day as our January book club outing. I had looked forward to this day for awhile, and was eager to finally try my hand (foot?) at snowshoeing. Heavy mountain snow prevented me from attending this same outing last year, and this year I'd been keeping an eye on the weather, warily reviewing the expected snowfall totals as the day approached. However, with the blessing of a favorable forecast, it was amid t…